Sunday, April 16, 2017

Welcome to the Friendly Skies...or are they?

It takes a lot for me to post about any sort of "social justice" uprisings.  Most millennials (I unfortunately fall in this age range), hipsters, and uneducated persons have recently taken up in arms over the supposed bad treatment of a passenger on board a United Express flight, resulting in his being dragged off the plane and any passengers with a phone to catch the proceedings from damn near every angle.


So every uneducated passenger on Earth thinks just because you buy a ticket means you are ENTITLED to that seat.  In all but a few instances you are, but in this case, the passenger was not.   Once past the jetway doors, passengers fall under the responsibility of the flight crew as per US Aviation and Maritime law statutes.  There is little doubt that United could have avoided the entire situation by recognizing the overbooking prior to beginning the boarding process, but the fact is that the passenger's decision to act like a petulant child made it necessary to remove him.  Those of you who act like he is some sort of social justice hero are little better than the passenger himself and, as usual, fail to see the bigger picture.  When you are on board an aircraft your life, and the lives of everyone else fall under the flights crew's care and responsibility.  They have a required duty to comply with and enforce the laws that govern aviation operations (especially under FAR part 121), and passengers have a legal obligation to NOT interfere with the crews performance of said duties.  This passenger took it upon himself to unilaterally dictate to United, the flight crew, and basically, the Federal government that his authority over the flight was superior to their own.  At that point, the Captain made the right decision in calling for security to forcibly remove him.

I know a lot of my readers might think I'm biased towards protecting the airline because of my airline background.  I assure you, I'm not.  I have my own issues with United, which have no place being aired out in this post.  What I take offense to, is the people who have zero knowledge of what passengers are entitled to and what laws govern being on a commercial airliner once on board.  

These millennials who were quick to get to social media and "boycott United" can sit down now.  The last few days I've booked nothing but United from all corners of the globe.  How's that boycott working for ya?  

One more thing, a lot of "social justice warriors" compare this passenger to Rosa Parks.  I'm sorry, but that offends me to my core.  Rosa Parks stood up for a law that was fundamentally wrong on so many levels.  This passenger decided to make a spectacle of himself in hopes of a big payday at the end.  I'm glad he got his teeth knocked in.  

Thanks for flying the friendly skies, see ya aboard soon.

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