Saturday, April 9, 2016

A Most Surprising Desert Oasis

"Yes, there really is a city, it's called Wendover, and it's in did you miss it?"  - Lewis Black

This has to be one of the most surprising hotel stays I've ever had.  Normally, when I do go to Wendover, it's usually on a day off when I have nothing else to do and am jonesing to get out of the State of Utah without driving to Idaho or make the trek down to Las Vegas, nor do I have a plane ticket to anywhere.

The trek through the high desert of Northern Utah brought me to the Montego Bay Resort just before check-in, but they had rooms ready to go.  Check-in was a breeze, as it's not that complicated, especially since I was on using a Player's Club comp (If you have a chance and come out semi frequently, sign up for it, its easy to rack up the points).

My room was on the 5th floor, and upon entrance I was blown away by its size, the spaciousness, the layout, and how open it is.  Once you enter, the spacious and large bathroom is on one side, and does not disappoint.  In fact, it could beat anything offered up by Marriott or Starwood, or even MGM Grand International.  I'm a stickler for big spacious bathrooms (even though I love world travel, the hotel bathrooms back home in Greece are ridiculously small), and love the space for my 6'1" frame.

Coming in at 375 square feet or so, these rooms with the double King Beds are amazing (have I said that enough yet?).  Room for luggage stowing without tripping over it constantly, the King beds are super plush and comfortable, and I suffer from sleep apnea, these are one of the few hotel beds I have ever slept comfortably and all night without my apnea waking me up.

About the only negative I have for the Montego Bay is lack of room service, but hey, who's there to sleep at night and hang out in their room writing a travel blog?

Thanks for reading!