Thursday, March 21, 2019

The Final FL310 Blog Post: A Very Big Thank You

My thoughts and emotions are a bit jumbled and all over the map by this post, but after 5 and half years of writing the FL310 blog, being a stellar Travel Agent, and criss-crossing the globe,  it's time for my next evolution.  

In mid-February y'all were made aware that I had left AAA and I would keep you apprised of my next move.  Well, the day is finally here, and this may well be the 2nd scariest jump I've ever made (maybe THE scariest, if I'm honest with myself).  It was time for this Jet Lag Junkie to make his move and keep traversing the globe showing you amazing places both near and far.  There was just one little snag...

The Jet Lag Junkie name was already being used.  *cue deflating sounds*  

Not to be counted out before I even left starting gate, I thought long and hard about what to actually call and market myself as.  It took a grand total of 4 days, but I figured, I'm a genius at figuring out and creating amazing and unforgettable travels for my clientele, why shouldn't I do the same for myself?  *light bulb*  George The Travel Genius was born.  I fired up my 8-bit brain and learned the ins and outs of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and built my own website that would feature my own blog posts, journeys, video clips, and anything else deemed travel-worthy.  It's been a very different kind of adventure so far, and with my first official GTTG Trip coming up in less than 10 days from now, I'm excited (and maybe a little nervous) to see how this will pan out.

You can check George The Travel Genius out on the following links (and please follow!):

The Official George The Travel Genius Website (I would appreciate it if y'all would sign up!)

Now that the shameless self-promotion is over with, I just want to say, to all my family, friends, followers, colleagues, and assorted hangers-on, THANK YOU.  From the bottom of my olive-oil saturated heart.  I appreciate every single one of you.

Thank you for 5 and half years of supporting my adventures an giving me your feedback here, I look forward to more on my website and various social media outlets!


George The Travel Genius

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